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For Taueret Davis,

I remember.

It was a Saturday.

I walked out of the DSW after using a giftcard to purchase shoes for my godsisters wedding. I was met by cop cars and flashing lights and a crowd surrounding a man, who laid on the ground bloody. Not a totally unusual scene for Union Square. 

There you stood overlooking with a cautious yet caring eye. I knew you were feeling heavy from the weight of life. I admired your transparency. I too was feeling broken under the harshness of life.

I tapped your arm and in all your fierceness turned around with “Ah! I am so happy you are here”   These words have become my affirmation. I am here! 

We talked about life in all its complexities, transformations and rainstorms. The details of our exchange will remain between you and I, for its sacred.I sung to you: Its ok to be sad sometimes. We hugged multiple times, good hugs that only two fat fabulous sisters could give each other. For that one moment we didn’t feel alone in our loneliness, alone in our hurt, alone in our not being ok. We had each other. It felt good.

You walked away pulling a suitcase behind you. You turned to me and said “We have to get tea”, which was an affirmation that our divinely “random” running into each other reminded us of how much we had in common, how much we really liked each other and above all else we are sisters. 

You went into a store. 

I went into Forever21 to get a new outfit for my early bday transformation haircut. I was determined to feel renewed, so I made the decision to cut off all my hair. Cutting off my hair has  become a ritual of cleansing and releasing the past. Getting a new outfit insured that when the cape was removed I would be reborn into  eveythang brand new! 

It worked.

Tuesday was my 32nd birthday and I felt released and closer to a path of healing. I thought of you and was going contact you for our tea date.

True to fashion of our modern times, I checked my social media for bday love messages. As  I scrolled my timeline I saw a beautiful collage of you by our mutual internet sista Keena. I read the caption and my heart dropped. 

On Sunday, the day after we loved up on each other, you decided to it would best for you to leave this world by ending your life. 

My life has been forever changed by our last moment together. 

I may have been the last person to hug, sing and consul you. The Universe trusted me with that divine task. The Universe knew we needed each other. We needed to see our reflection each others eyes. We needed to be affirmed.

This world, a world we sometimes just merely exist in…….I am living more now, is harsh on the bodies and souls of black, fat, femme, differently abled, queer women. The Universe knows this. The Universe knew we needed that moment to be released, understood and held. 

I believe this to be true.

Taueret, I am better. My healing, our collective healing, has become apart of my work. I have reignited the poet,performer, artist and activist within. I am committed to addressing how WE sustain and care for each other.  

 To do our work we must remain connected to the collective emotions (the trauma,joy,discomforts, IT ALL) in order to heal and advocate for our community. Its exhausting!   We must be a master empath. But who loves the lover, who heals the healer, who fights for the fighter, who gives to the giver, who teaches the teacher, who replenishes our well!  We make ourselves visual for the empowerment of not only our lives but others. But when do we live in the abundance,take a break, get some recharging going, do we know how to? Perhaps our healing can found in the work. I am committed to finding pathways to self care, love and healing. I do it for us Taueret. 

Sometimes I am angry. Angry that you are gone. Angry that we must learn how to live under siege. Then I am reminded by our mother ancestor Lucille Clifton to celebrate! 

come celebrate
with me that everyday
something has tried to kill me
and has failed. 

-Won’t Celebrate with Me

I understand why you choose to leave,sometimes the rainbow just ain’t enough!, I love you. I hope you found peace. I know why you left, I know why so many of us leave. I know why so many of us stay. 

In honor of you, our moment and my re-birthday I had a gratitude and celebratory tea party with the village that held me down, my anchors, when I almost slipped away.  Over laughter, tears, dancing and many hugs we had the tea that you and I never had the chance to share.  It was beautiful. We celebrated! 

You were there. My sisterfriend gifted me a yellow Venus of Willendorf candle!!! The symbol you wore on your chest. The symbol that made us  first connect in the hallway of a Brooklyn apartment building getting some air from the first Sweat parties.

I miss you although I know you are always with me.

I am closing this letter with a poem I wrote, it dedicated to all of us magical black girls.


TLCbyTLJ_ABL_IMANI_2Thank you for that day.

I love you.




This morning my Mom reminded me of this classic, by Sylvester, from my childhood. I just got my life as I plan for my very busy week and it made me understand somethings about myself.

1. Being brown and queer was celebrated in my house

2. Good music filled my home

3. House music was instilled in me like going to school & fighting the powers that be!

4. No wonder why I am so damn FABULOUS!

5. I know random Queer Facts like: Sylvester was in the Cockettes, a queer arts collective in San Fran. Check the doc about them!

What makes you feel mighty real!

THANK YOU!: Day 14 & 15

Today I am

thankful for my family

thankful for a life of wellness and health

thankful for my pole sisters and Sacred Studio

thankful for reflections of my greatness

thankful for love

thankful for time

thankful for waking up to a big and beautiful home that I have made for myself

thankful for my community thinking I am and will be a great mom

thankful for elders

thankful for the universe speaking through souls who know how to deliver the message

thankful for my sister, my best friend and biggest supporter

thankful for my Mom, who makes me laugh and feel loved

thankful for my Dad, who I take after.

thankful for all the new life and marriages happening around me,give me hope

thankful for tears

thankful for the 2 year olds that reminds the life is worth living and its good

thankful for memories

thankful for music

thankful for HOUSE and DISCO

thankful for walks in the museum

thankful for my god-brother making me feel super loved and funny

thankful for any moment to be creative!

DAY 10, 11, 12 & 13

I am thankful for the opportunities that come my way, this year my career is taking off

I am thankful for my gift of speech

I am thankful for my family

I am thankful for my Daddy, he is the best

I am thankful for students who care for me as much as I care for them

I am thankful for those who keep their word

I am thankful for loyalty

I am thankful for kindness

I am thankful for the 2 year old that reminds me how magical and precious this life is

I am thankful for my week of art, social justice and healing coming next week

I am thankful for my school community that bands together to change the world we live in for our students

I am thankful for time, and the healing that is providing me

I am thankful for my friends who have taken care of me and give me the love I need

I am thankful for growth

I am thankful for learning

I am thankful for art

I am thankful for kind strangers

I am thankful for finding family

DAY 6, 7 8 & 9: I am thankful for it all


I am thankful for having such a full life that I forget to blog about it

I am thankful for mediating

I am thankful for clarity

I am thankful for the full moon

I am thankful for open hearts and minds

I am thankful for social media that has delivered such wonderful soul into life that I may not have known otherwise

I am thankful for forgiveness of self and others

I am thankful for non-judgemental love

I am thankful for my sister,  my very best friend

I am thankful for laughs so deep your chest hurts from the vibrations

I am thankful for Lyft & those free rides with great drivers

I am thankful for dancing the night away

I am thankful for reunions

I am thankful for my gift for storytelling

I am thankful for Patch Adams, look him up

I am thankful for the opportunities that find their way to me!

I am thankful for the New Museum!

I am thankful for peaceful Sundays

I am thankful for rest

I am thankful for the blessings that ordained my hands to make some put my foot in it good food

I am thankful for young people

I am thankful for Haiti

I am thankful for my students, my partners in learning

I am thankful that I get to witness young people becoming overly excited about learning about sewing and pattern making

I am thankful for bosses that support students and staff

I am thankful for sunny and warmer days!

I am thankful for the lady that put my eyebrows on FLEEK!

I am thankful for “I miss you calls” from my student and her child

I am thankful for being accepted, valued and understood by my school community

I am thankful for bubble tea

I am thankful for young people who tell me ” You are a good Mom”, wow my child bearing desires full with love

I am thankful for finding my life work in education

I am thankful for the woman I am!

I am thankful storms, the big ones, that when you are though it never feel like they will leave


I am thankful for communication

I am thankful for honesty

I am thankful for good yummy pizza

I am thankful for being a radiant person of color

I am thankful for learning

I am thankful for who I have become

i am thankful clarity

I am thankful for community

I am thankful for truth

I am thankful for hugs

I am thankful for laughs

I am thankful for friends

I am thankful for froyo

I am thankful for smiles

I am thankful for my health

I am thankful for healing

I am thankful for the hardtimes that make the goodtimes so clearly magical

I am thankful for the A train moving fast this morning

I am thankful for the boots that kept me warm and non-slip

I am thankful for cuzin that call to say “hi”

I am thankful for good sleep

I am thankful for good TV

I am thankful for my young life choices!

I am thankful my students trust me

DAY 2 & 3: Birthday Gratitude & Happiness

I just begun and have slipped! So here we go two days of thanks and joy!

DAY 2:

I am thankful for laughter

I am thankful for trust

I am thankful for smiles

I am thankful for those who deeply love and care for me

I am happy my students trust and value me

I am happy for my growing soul family

I am thankful for sleep, especially the sleep I got when I failed to post my Day 2 blog

Day 3

I am thankful for spaces in which I am free to be me and you are free to be you

I am thankful for my melanin

I am thankful for self care and love

I am thankful for people of color spaces

I am thankful for understanding

I am thankful for my family

I am thankful for insightful friendship that support our growth

I am thankful for hope

I am thankful for joy

I am thankful for the moments that make me aware of how precious joy is

I am happy for my open, passionate and giving heart

I am thankful for healing, the high and lows of it all

DAY 1: Birthday Gratitude & Happiness CountDown

My birthday is 30 days away!

In honor of the healing and growth I am in need of (life is hard sometimes), I have chosen to journal all the things I am thankful and joyful for in the last 31 day of me being 31. 

I am thankful for my friends and family who have been there for me always. Especially these days.

I am thankful for waking up this morning to an amazing meeting about teaching from the heart with a powerful group of people

I am thankful for how my mind works, Im smart.

I am thankful for the life I have made for myself. I am surround by beautiful things.

I am thankful for my heart that feels EVERYTHING so deeply and clearly.

I am thankful for my adopted brownstone cat.

I am thankful for a warm home.

I am thankful for tears.

I am thankful for patient friends.

I am thankful for my parents.

I am thankful for being reflective.

I am happy I though to do this.

The Conversations


“We were placed in each others lives to learn. you are me. I am you”  -Adrienne McDonald

Every Friday without fail we would speak for hours long about art, magic, love and nonsense on TV. She became my best friend, my mentor and sister.

One week we spoke on a Wednesday. She was living home with her parents after struggling from a stroke and recovering. The talk began like our usual convos: Gurl how you?

But this time it was different. She responded “I am losing my magic.”

This was alarming. Adrienne is my definition of Magic. When she walked an array of colorful & hand dyed flowing fabric followed behind her, the smell of incense & coffee filled the air and her smile…..her smile

We talked and she confided in me her truth. We cried. We laughed. We singed songs to each other.

In our healing sighs, after laughing & crying for hours,she says:

“You are me and I am you. We were divinely placed in each others lives. There is so much of you that resides in me. I see so much of my younger self in you. I don’t want you to make the mistakes I have made. Don’t deny yourself, speak you truth, love, hurt and heal. You can’t make a contract with the universe. surrender and live.”

Adrienne passed away that week but her words, those conversations and her magic guide my life especially in times of deep change.

I am forever thankful.

My loves please understand that every relationship: teacher & student, parent & child, sister & sister, partner & partner, is an opportunity to learn,teacher, grow and heal.

What conversations has provided life guidance?