Guest author: The Familiar Tale of Race, Power, Privilege and black life in America

Here is an entry I did post a PD/workshop I co-lead in relation to art education NOW & #blacklivesmatter.


Art Education at City College of New York

IMG_8122Author Tiffany Jones reflects on the recent Teaching Art Today: #BlackLivesMatter Teach in held at the New Museum on March 19, 2015.

Teaching art today is an opportunity to discuss life and all its complexities, while providing an outlet and the skills for students to communicate a message. Art provides students with a pathway to healing, empowerment and advocacy. Art makes their thoughts visual thereby making the artist visible, hard to ignore. Therefore as art educators I invite us to be agents of change, who explore hard issues like race in our space of learning.

So where to start?
Breathe! Self-care is imperative. Be mindful of yourself and your limits. Acknowledge
that race is a social construct that produces, informs and sustains a long list of social
injustices like police brutality. Race is a Goliath and it’s not only your task to address it.

It’s a social issue. So…

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ARTIST TALK: Lorraine O’Grady

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the many reasons I moved to Brooklyn. I love it.  Every first Saturday of the month the Brooklyn Museum has FREE NIGHT filled with theme events. This month celebrates the rich history and culture of Haiti! Did I say I love this place!

In addition there will be an artist talk with Lorraine O’Grady at 7pm! YIPPPPPY Lorraine O’Grady is one of the many current African American Artist that deals with themes of Diaspora identities, womanhood and family. She truly inspires me and I hope  to be one of the 30 that get to enjoy her talk!  Above is one of the images from  her work titled: Miscegenated Family Album Details below:

Artist Lorraine O’Grady talks about her work  Miscegenated Family Album, the Museum’s featured object for August. Free tickets (30) are available at the Visitor Center at 5 p.m.