On May 19th, 2016, as part of the national #SayHerName day of action, Black Lives Matter asked folks to participate in lifting up women and femmes who are no longer with us, and/or those who inspire us in our everyday lives. On the Black Lives Matter website (http://sayhername.blacklivesmatter.com/) the public was asked to upload an image, graphic or photograph of someone you want to lift up, using either #SayHerName for those who have been taken from us and #InHerHonor for those who are still with us or passed from natural causes. #InHerHonor was created through Tanya Lucia Bernard’s leadership of Black Lives Matter’s  Arts + Culture branch; Walter Cruz,a City-As teaching artist, Tiffany and the City As School “I Honor You” Youth Activists. The Youth Activists were asked to take the lead on creating an iteration of the campaign around #SayHerName for a national action on May 19th, 2016.

It is my honor to announce that the Youth Activists have been invited to share their art and skills at the Summer Edition Harriet’s Apothecary! YAY! 

 During Harriets they are displaying the original pieces from the #SayherName & #InherHonor project as well as supporting folks through the creative journey of making a piece honoring a femme or women they would like to uplift.

See you on June 16th & 17th in the village! Click the flyer for More information & details:HARRIETS_FLYER_SUMMER16_2_WEB


Healing the Past & Present for the Future: A TLCbyTLJ & Black Lives Matter Collaboration


Black Futures 2016 - Tiffany Lenoi Jones -Healing Justice


Our bodies hold a story of trauma and triumph. My story is an inherited narrative. My ancestors live in my body.Their aches and pains radiate in our bodies.

“Epigenetic inheritance” is the idea that environmental influences such as smoking, diet and stress can affect the genes of your children and possibly even grandchildren. Imagine how the impact of your ancestors repeatedly being abused, refused and neglected have impacted their descendants? Imagine the impact of inherited and experienced trauma onto a body?

Over time my community has learned how to cope, sometimes ignore, the impacts of trauma on our health. As a result we are plagued with stress disorders, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Not mention that our trauma is exploited. But that is for a post on another day chile!

I am one of the amazing artists commissioned by Black Lives Matter to create an image for Black Futures Month. I was given in the theme healing justice. Healing Justice is the awareness and healing of the inherited & experienced trauma on de-humanized bodies. To read more about Healing Justice click here READ NOW! 

My artwork tells the story my Family Tree.

The Past…………

The top of my tree stand my Paternal Great Great Great Grandparents, who survived the brutality of slavery and managed to raise a family. My Great Great Great GrandMother holds her heart charka as she stands next to her husband my Great Great Great Grandfather Burl.  I can’t imagine the harm they experienced. The power of their will to live and love lives within me. Surrounding them a glowing beam of yellow honoring their divinity as guides in my life and their descendants . They survived for US. Ashe!

Beside them stands my maternal Grandma, Virginia Elizabeth Lewis, who managed to love even with a broken heart.I call her Mama. My Mama was an artist, a dancer, an amazing cook and free spirit. She worked her mojo through her love, her food, her designs and her smile. My Mama was a victim of domestic violence, my grandmother was a victim of western patriarchy and white supremacy. My Mama internalized her pain. Surrounding her is glowing beam and gold halo honoring her as my angel. Her heart radiates. We hold our hurt in our hearts. Our heartache is heart disease. My Mama survived for US.  Ashe!

The Present……………..

Beneath the ancestors stands my given and chosen family: My father, mother, sister and myself. My father, a Vietnam Vet, who working towards his healing both in mind and body. My mother who holds a candle burning at both ends, she like many black women do much but fail to care for self. My sister, Erin, and I stand blowing out the candle, symbolizing us caring for our mother by giving her permission to heal.  My sister and I individually work towards bringing healing justice to our family tree. My sister a healer through fashion & self image and I a healer through art & education. We are hugged by a rose and sage, both plants have been meaningful in my healing journey. We are clearing the harm of the past in order to move forward with love and wealth in health. We will no longer burn the candle at both ends. We de-invest into the stigma of being a strong black woman. We push back on messages from a capitalistic,heteronormative, white,patriarchal, body policing society that finds its strength in our presumed weakness and inferiority.  We find strength in being vulnerable. They survived for us, we heal for them. 

The Future……………….

I have found my chosen family in my school community, City-As School. City-As is an alternative transfer high school in NYC that serves the city’s most unwanted but most needed young minds, these young people WILL change the world. The power within them is resilient. It is the power that liberate us all. Their power is rooted within. It is important.

In my village, called school, I am a mother, teacher and healer. Teaching is my healing justice.

In my artwork I highlight two powerful black educators and healers in my community. Ummi, an educator, mother, writer and healer stands proud as she signs the word “Heal”. She is my healer. She reminds me to care for self and stand in my power. She loves me to where I need to be. Andre, an artist, yogi and educator stands in a yoga pose. He welcomes me  every morning with reminders to relax and breathe. He conducts daily medications and yoga offerings for students and staff. He is magic.

Ummi and Andre stand behind Alexis, a recent alum of City-As. Alexis entered my life as student and remains in my life as family. Alexis mother to Riley. Alexis is an inspiration of radical womanhood and motherhood. She makes me better. In her life I see the importance and influence of healing justice as it directly impacts our future, Riley.

Alexis holds a supercharged Amethyst, in her hand. Amethyst is a clearing ,healing and protective crystal. Alexis stand behind Riley, who has already proven that my healing is her healing. She is magic, pure black girl magic.

Riley, the only full color person in the tree, stands in awe of the butterfly in hands. The butterfly representing hope and transformation.

Riley is our future.

We heal for her. 

We stand behind her because her black life matters. 

Our black life matters.