Want to liberate you inner artist?

Want to explore new techniques and pathways to self expression?

Want put your hands,body and soul into creating?

Workshops designed and instructed by me to unleash, explore and develop artists & creative beings of all ages, experiences and skills. 

Feel free to explore possible workshops that can be customized just for you and your community!

“Love, Mama Dolls” Cloth Doll Design & Making:I will expose you to my artistic practice of using doll making & toy design in a contemporary art context. These techniques were learned from, my Grandmother & Adrienne McDonald. Both of these women were committed to empowering young people through historical dialogue, intergenerational co-creation and skill sharing.

Memory, Honor & Prayer Flag Workshop: In this workshop I will share the technique of photo transfers onto fabric to create a personal prayer flags. This workshop blends the digital art making with craft techniques.  You may create flags to honor & remember of your loved ones, yourself, virtues, hopes and dreams!

ADORN: Fabric Painting & Beading Workshop: Fabric painting and beading has been my route to mediating and relaxing. With paints, water, paper, and beads you will learn how to customize a simple piece of bleach muslin fabric into a wearable piece of art, wall hanging or anything your create soul can conjure up! 




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