The Conversations


“We were placed in each others lives to learn. you are me. I am you”  -Adrienne McDonald

Every Friday without fail we would speak for hours long about art, magic, love and nonsense on TV. She became my best friend, my mentor and sister.

One week we spoke on a Wednesday. She was living home with her parents after struggling from a stroke and recovering. The talk began like our usual convos: Gurl how you?

But this time it was different. She responded “I am losing my magic.”

This was alarming. Adrienne is my definition of Magic. When she walked an array of colorful & hand dyed flowing fabric followed behind her, the smell of incense & coffee filled the air and her smile…..her smile

We talked and she confided in me her truth. We cried. We laughed. We singed songs to each other.

In our healing sighs, after laughing & crying for hours,she says:

“You are me and I am you. We were divinely placed in each others lives. There is so much of you that resides in me. I see so much of my younger self in you. I don’t want you to make the mistakes I have made. Don’t deny yourself, speak you truth, love, hurt and heal. You can’t make a contract with the universe. surrender and live.”

Adrienne passed away that week but her words, those conversations and her magic guide my life especially in times of deep change.

I am forever thankful.

My loves please understand that every relationship: teacher & student, parent & child, sister & sister, partner & partner, is an opportunity to learn,teacher, grow and heal.

What conversations has provided life guidance?

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