TLJ of TLJ: The Unearthing of the Artist formerly known as ME

I spend my days working hard to bring the artist out of the young people I work for/with.  It is something I am proud to say I am great at. For instance this fall I meet a student who on the first day of class proclaimed ” I am only taking art because I need the credit. I don’t like art because I am not creative” Recently before going on winter break he entered the art room beaming and said ” Tiffany, I am taking Art in the Spring. I miss it. Its fun!”

Transformative. Powerful. Loving.

And I have the gift to guide that growth. WOW! I love my job.

I am inspired by my students. They are committed, fearless and excited about creating……something I had lost in my own practice.

Yes, I am guilty of falling into the dreaded Art Teacher trap: I STOP MAKING ART! 

I never noticed because well I am always creating with my students. Many days I come home exhausted from art making, my hands dyed in a rainbow of colors from painting and my favorite pair of jeans ruined with Gesso. Therefore Teacher Tiff replaced the Artist formerly known as Tiffany Lenoi Jones.

I medicated and reflected on how to unearth my creativity.The Universe immediately started dropping daily reminders.

I found my stock of dolls while helping my sister move. They were beautiful. So filled with love, detail and joy. My mother, sister and I marveled at them. I was so impressed by my past self.

By no coincidence of the Universe a sister in the community announced a calling for vendors for a Holiday Bazaar. Fearless I applied and accepted.

LOVEMAMA_TIFFatSHOWWords can not explain the welcome back I have received. A true confirmation that what I do is needed and that sharing my gift is ordained.  To quote my sister friend “your work is beautiful, people need to F**king see this” YAS GURL!

I know my Grandmother and Adrienne were in the space with me. I know they were proud of me. I shared their story, their gift and love through my sisters and I Love, Mama dolls.

It has been a joy to create again. My living room has been a mess of fabric, paint, beads,wire, yarn, paper and other instruments of MAGIC! I am sketching and thinking like an artist again.

The Artist Tiffany Lenoi is reborn.

Cheers to my best moment of 2014!

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