TLJ of TLJ: Notes from the Journey of a Art Teacher in a Magical Place

Curiosity filled the classroom. Who is Basquiat? They researched and asked questions about Radiant Child, who once walked the halls of our school. Sleepy eyes turn into bright eyes as they find themselves in an Art Angel.

A student walks in angry. Her item was stolen from my desk. Violated. She cries. It was something she brought for her and her daughter. She is good mom. She inspires me. She listens to me. She has adopted me as a mentor. I take her on a walk to calm down. We laugh about life. She promises to say sorry to the students that witnessed her anger. She is becoming a wonderful woman.

Other students promise to look for the missing item. They are so filled of love and respect for each other. they are so powerful. They will change this world.

My shoulder serves as a support to a young person experiencing the ache of witnessing your loved one in pain. Fear of lost. Life is hard to live sometimes.

A student is consoled with a tarot card reading from a friend. Indigo kids, I call them. “Tiffany be knowing”. I smile. Sometimes, I do be knowing.