Here comes the SUN!

Hello my loves,

The times we are leaving in can quite frankly inspire feelings of bleakness and defeat. The lives of young black men are devalued. The education of our youth is up for auction. Our debt, bills, heart aches….whoooa chile there is alot 

But I ask you this why do you continue? What causes you to wake and keep trying? 

Perhaps its the ones we love, our purpose or that one day that made you remember that life is a journey, that life is flexible and we are in power.

I continue because of the kids that smile and speak to me on the train. For that little girl that asked me if I was afraid of bugs when we saw an ant on the A train. I continue for the elder in the park that plays chess. I continue for the students that love me back, loving is such a powerful gift. I continue for the many bright days. For the unknown love and lessons coming my way. 

So today I gift you with a song that reminds that the sun is around the corner. 

Live in your light!