Notes on TLJ: Ease on Down the Road!


Today I invite you to EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD! I have learned to surrender to the path(s) the life journey presents me. Yes, I am serious surrender!

It sounds scary because we have been trained to believe the act of surrendering is cowardly. We have also been trained to doubt our judgements, this is particularly true for marginalized people, thereby we subscribe to the idea that is an external authority would know better because they are more powerful for whatever reason(their race, gender,education,class and/or age for example).

Now listen! the issue with this kind of thinking is we submit to an authority who expertise is formulated on superficial and presumedpower”.  In surrendering I welcome those who care and love me so much that share their insights to enhance my experience because we are companions on the life journey.  The base of such power is formulated on love, in its most sincerest expression. This is the power I respect and welcome.

I surrender because I have learned I do not have control(power) over everything.  And why would I? If I had power over everything I would block all the unexpected goodness that has occurred and waiting to arrive.

I surrender because I will not waste time on things I can not control.

I surrender because I welcome the constant surprises that take my life on paths I could have never imagined.

I surrender because the misery and worry produced from wanting the unattainable control over every aspect of this life journey is pure poison that steals our joy & energy to move! 

I surrender because I much rather learn from my discomfort over drowning in it.

So will you surrender today? Will you trust your journey? Trust yourself? Trust the love(s) in your life?

Remember your life is a blessing and its important for you to be here. Your life is not your enemy.

Feel free to discuss,share and contact me.