TLJ’s Reading List: A Bridge Called My Back

Hello Beautiful People!

Happy Monday! Hope this message finds you at peace and hungry for learning more on TLJ(The Life Journey) because I have a treat for you: A book!

Reading is an essential part of my self-care. Reading stimulates my imagination, provides a space in which I am alone in my thoughts, introduces new ways of understanding and the list can go on for the benefits of reading!

As a teacher I often find that reading any kind of subject matter stimulates my planning and approach to the upcoming school year. It provides me with more insight to share with students and colleagues. Give more to TLC with!

I first heard of the book I am sharing with you today during my graduate studies at NYU. My professor Dipti Desai (LOVE HER!), Director of the Graduate Art Education, program mentioned the book during our Art, Identity and Social Justice themed course. While I can not remember the specifics of the discussion I do recall the class was passionately speaking about the perceived responsibility of the oppressed to teach those belonging to the dominant culture about the historical implications of racism, sexism and classism. She commented that many times the oppressed become the bridge to the dominants culture awakening. The book she mentioned is A Bridge Called My Back edited by Cherríe Moraga and Gloria E. Anzaldúa.  tumblr_mlouv5jTnY1rpayo9o1_500

For years I searched for the book, which was out of print for many years, so you could imagine my surprise when I found a PDF version of the book( special thanks to the Tumblr goddess that posted the link). BOOK LINK:

The wait was worth it! I am so thankful for my Mother elders foresight of creating this collection for their future unknown children. We need this!  This daughter is so grateful and honored.

There are so many Ah! Ha! moments I am experiencing reading this book. In effort to limit my influence on your Ah! Ha! moments I will refrain from posting quotes and pages that resonated for me. I want you to experience your most authentic Ah! Ha! moments.

However I will leave you with this question from the book:

How can we -this time-not use our bodies to be thrown over a river of tormented history to bridge the gap?



Happy Reading! and please share your insights!