The Life Journey of TLJ: Living the Best Life

This was a post on my TLC by TLJ facebook page. I am posting here for those who want easier finding. 

I ask myself daily if I am living my best life. It serves as means of checking in with my spirit. There were times in which my answer was NO! I was unhappy,unhealthy, unproductive and not living in my light.
What did I do?

I sat quietly with myself. I allowed myself the space to be silent in order to hear myself think. Thats when I was able to find my purpose.

I identified what did serve my purpose. I pursued those things, I made the time and invited the necessary unknown that would support me in living my best life. I spoke what I needed into existence. Positive talk always!

I identified what didn’t serve my purpose. I removed those things and if removing was not immediately possible I changed I how I reacted to it.

This inner chat helped:
“This experience,person,place or condition does not define me. I define it. I proclaim its function and impact on my life.”

Most of all I have been patient. I have been welcoming. I have been fearless. I have been reflective. I have been investing.

I claim my best life because I deserve it.
And so do you!

So cheers to you living your best life!