Good Life by Inner City

I love music! I have always loved music. Music is a meaningful part of my healing and spiritual practice. Music has been there through all my growth and needs. I encourage you to make a playlist of songs that service and encourage your purpose,joy and sanity!

This song reminds me of the divine beauty of living your best life!

I recall as a young 5 year old jamming to this song with Aunt Jen, Aunt Robin, Aunt Cookie and their fly friends.  I can still feel the joy from those times. The communicational dancing, the bass blasting and all of us singing over & over:

Love is shining
life is thriving in the good life
good life

Now read those words again chile! Go head and come back…………………………………………………


Those words are a mantra. A proclamation. I sung that at the age of 5! When you reflect on your youth I PROMISE!, you will  re-discover that magic you embody.

This song has become a mainstay in my personal gospel. Perhaps today you can add it to yours.

Enjoy the day, hour, second and minute you are in now.

Live that GOOD LIFE!