A Note from the Journey.

I saw his face when the crowd ran towards him. Was told he was stabbed. I cant lose another child. A sigh of release when I saw his face. He is ok. for now? 

He came to visit me today in Art class. He doesn’t have Art anymore and isn’t happy about it. He stands tall. I am up to his armpit. We laugh. He sits down on my stoll. We are facing the entire class. They are creating logos.

He lays his head on my shoulder. We stay in that position. I can feel his heart beat. I lay my head on top of his. How are you my child? I am tired Tiffany. I can’t believe he’s gone. I am tired too. I know what tired you are. You know I love you right. You’re my special baby like Raphael. You love us trouble makers huh Tiffany? You trouble makers need the most love. smiles and warmth. He lays on my shoulder in silence. 

A student asks for help. Can’t you see we having a moment. I giggle. Stop it be nice. He doesn’t move. I answer the request for a logo edit. He moves. I love you Sean. I love you Tiffany. 

Last 5 mintues of class. Review of the day, deadlines and now it time for the next class. I love you all come back to me in one piece. They leave. Some with hugs. 

Tears fall down my face as I remember stories and visions of my child. Smiles. Show them his sketchbook. 

They make me laugh. They know me the best. Blessed. A mom and sister as best friends. 


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