Treat Yo Self!

I am now 29 years young. Time is flying and I am growing into the adult I always hoped to be with some surprises. Of course when I was younger I imagined that by this age I would have a house, a marriage and perhaps some little ones calling me Mommy,Mama or Pretty (I also imagined I would have some cool little ones that would create their own name for me i.e. Pretty or Sunshine) But with my grand plan I never saw so many of the blessings I have now.

I am an Alum of NYU. An Art Educator who teaches teens. Teens who love me (I know this to be true because they never leave my sight without saying I love you Tiffany). I love them  like my own and they give me unimaginable hope. I am a Brooklyn resident in a forever changing landscape. I am an Artist. I am a proud big sister. And a daughter my parents brag about:”I never took a pill for my kids”. I am a giver of love and a receiver of many of the universe blessings. 

So as I live the last months of my 20’s I am excited for my future. Now don’t get me wrong I often have outburst. Moments of stressful sometimes tearful impatience. But I know I am blessed. And I am ready. 

Looking forward to debuting my new work for Love,Mama. Stay tuned and living in love & light. 

Remember TREAT YO SELF!!!!!!!

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