The Life Journey of Tiffany Lenoi Jones PART 5

MAGIC! When you pay attention long enough you will feel the universe moving in a glorious way. As I mature I remember my youth and all the moments that contributed to my growth into womanhood. Recently I read notes left by my high school classmates and teachers from my High School yearbook. My English teacher told me to “never stop fighting for all”. Tears came into my eyes as I realize I am living my life work as a social justice motivated educator.

When I graduated from grad school,the slight sense of panic set in. I NEEDED A JOB! Sadly we live in a world in which art education is not valued as an important part of learning. Therefore finding a job seemed to be close to impossible until I found a job listing on The listing just stated a need for a full time Art teacher. After an entire summer of waiting I got interview.
I nearly jumped out of my chair when I was told the job was at a school that mission was in line with my life mission. It was school that valued the importance of history and the lessons it blesses us with. It was a school in which social justice and identity were at the core of the students learning.

I got the job. A day before school began. I set up my classroom and waited.

Since then the little art room upstairs has been a place of massive creation combined with smiles,tears and plenty of laughs.

I have learned a great deal. I have become a better person. Its more than just teaching for me or a job with steady pay. Its my life work, passion and mission.

Until next time,
TLJ aka Teacher Tiff,Tdollaz,BooBoolandia (some of the names my kids have given me 🙂

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