10 years later and Im back in High School

TRUTH: I didn’t like High School. *ahhhh* There I said it and I feel so much lighter.

TRUTH: I was bullied during my freshmen year of high school in school and out.

Today my entire school went to see Bully. It is a documentary that tells the story of diverse students who share a common thread of being bullied in and out of their schools. It is an emotional experience and it brings up of the reasons I didn’t enjoy high school.

Going into high school I was so excited. I remembered stories my mom and dad would share about high school. They made lasting friends and enjoyed themselves. For me high school would be the first time I would be around students that would also travel from my neighborhood. Finally I could make friends that looked like me and could relate to my experiences ( I went to a small predominately white school from 2nd-8th) However I sadly did not have that experience during my freshmen year. I remember being called an Oreo, being accused of “acting white” or getting phone calls from my few friends that some girls really didn’t like me and wanted to harm me. Then one day during a school performance someone touched my hair and taunted me with “what are you?” followed by her telling others that was dirt in my hair. Lucky me there was upstander in my group that told the bullies to leave me alone.

This memory is vivid. For me things did get better. I graduated and lived a happy life. But I am not the norm. Many students don’t overcome. They turn in on themselves. Become bullies. Or sadly take their own life.

Now that I am an adult in high school, I try my very best to be the voice of the voiceless and to be an upstander. More important to share my story so students (the bullied and bullies) change for the better. I hope they see themselves in me because I see me in them.

So on my Monday night. I pray for those who bully and for those who are bullied. I hope we (adults) use our power to change. And become the voice in our world that will not stand by bullying. And to remember that bullying does not stop at high school it continues to fester ( for example the awful behavior on Basketball Wives). SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING


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