What is up with Love, Mama?

Hello Friends and Family,

Love,Mama began over 10 years ago when I (Tiffany) was encouraged to start my own doll line. Since I have sold countless dolls and other items made with love along side my creative partner Erin, who is also my bestie and sister. During those 10 years I lost my mentor, best friend and big adopted sister Adrienne McDonald, moved to my heaven aka Brooklyn, watched my sister Erin become a fashion designer and FIERCE style Godis! (spikesandsequins.com). I have also witnessed me transform from a Art Education Grad student (who was STUDYING HARD!) into a hard working dedicated love my job Art Educator in NYC. 

In those 10 years I have lost sight and time to create and share my work. I often watch the creative efforts of my students and peers with joy and a little sadness because I miss MAKING ART! Therefore I am proclaiming to be MORE committed! In my first week of being 29!!!!! I will create for me! 

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