On my National Day of LOVE

Today was so amazing with my students I had to share:

  • My former student came to visit school today. He welcomed me by calling out Mom and hugging the life out of me
  • Seeing my students sit in the VIP section of the Award Ceremony because they earned an award for the previous cycle
  • Getting on stage to make an announcement and hearing the student body screaming various versions of my name with deep love! 
  • My student who asked if the man in the Keith Haring documentary was Keith LIFE PARTNER! And no one in the class reacted if the idea of gayness was strange! 
  • My students who GOT KEITH HARING’s ART to the T! I mean they embraced HIM!
  • My male student who educated his peer on the wrongness of the phrase NO HOMO! ” Man if you secure in who you are why say that? And if you were homo what is the issue in that? Gay is ok”
  • The students in Art Crew radiating  with pride after rehearsal and editing their first short film. “Tiffany we gotta take ARt Crew out into the world! We can change the world!”

*happy tear* I love my job and I love the Young people of NYC! They make it alllll worth it! ART forever! 

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