Andrea Pippins: A class visit

Last Spring two of my Art Classes were prompted to create a public art work for their school. One class decided to create a text based mural. They decided to use words that would encourage their school mates to succeed. The project was entirely student lead. They created a survey to insure their school mates insight would be included in the creation of mural. To say the least I am extremely proud of them and the work they set out to create.

To aid their process I showed the students many examples of artist that created murals and typography. They were most inspired by one of my favorite bloggers and artist Andrea Pippins. If you haven’t checked out her blog PLEASE DO! NOW! Like right NOW!

Not only is Andrea an amazing designer,finder of beautiful things and a supporter of my artistic enterprise, she is a supporter of the arts and the youth. Once I told her that my students loved her work she offered to video conference with them! As a teacher it was so exciting to have an actual artist speak to my art students. As a student of life I was excited to get to hear Andrea speak about her work and artistic process. She was beyond helpful and the students still speak about meeting her online. I know they were deeply proud to know someone who looked like them was successful as an artist. Nothing like seeing pride in their eyes. I LOVE MY JOB!
Currently a student from the class is working on completing the mural.

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