The Life Journey of Tiffany Lenoi Jones part 4

I often refer to my grad program as “my soulmate”. My program was centered on the idea that art is power and power is art. It encouraged us to develop into educators that understood the complexity of identity and how deeply connected identity is attached to social injustice, history, and privilege. Furthermore how ones identity and attitudes about the “other” identity effected us a educators and in turn impacts our students. I must say it was the first time ever in my education that my identity, experience and narrative was acknowledged.

The two years I spent in my program provide me with a foundation and honestly a home to explore my passion: teaching, learning and creating, challenging and changing the world as I know into the world I hope it to be. I met people who shared my vision,were open to ask and discuss difficult questions about hegemonic ideas, were out of this world talented, and overall could laugh( we LAUGHED and CRIED equally) I love my classmates ( there I said it). I just love them!

My professors were supportive and challenged me. Most of all they believed in. They are role model master teachers I tell you! Through them I was reminded of how I wanted to treat and nurture my students creativity, curiosity, bad days and etc.

Now that I have graduated I realize how much going back to school was the right decision. I love who I am now and have a ongoing love affair with being Tiffany, the Art Teacher.


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