Zanmi Means Friend: The Cultural Exchange Project

This project was inspired by my love and deep connection to doll making. As a child my mother collected hand crafted cloth dolls for myself and sister, Erin. I wonder now if my mother knew that one decision would impact my life in such a monumental way (I will dedicate a post to that story some other time). Through the art of doll making I continued the legacy of the women before me, including my grandmother, I met my best friend and “big sister” the late Adrienne McDonald and discovered my creative voice.

Overall, this project was intended to continue the legacy of doll making and fostering relationships that would impact lives. This project has been very successful and brings pure happy tears to my eyes. The students who created the gifts did not know how to sew before this project. I am so proud of them. Young people are making changes in the world regardless of what the media will have you to believe.
Enjoy the video and project. Any questions please feel free to contact me via the contact tab.

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