The Life Journey of Tiffany Lenoi Jones part 3

NYU was the only program I applied to. If I didn’t get into the program I wasn’t going to graduate school. I would have accepted it wasn’t part of journey and keep moving on my path of becoming an art educator.  Shortly after applying I took a major leap into adulthood and moved to my favorite place in the world BROOKLYN! It was the most pricy and perfect birthday gift I could have given myself!

Of course I moved in with only a bed, old mac desktop,desk and chair. By then a couple months had past before I heard from NYU. I assumed I didn’t get in and avoided inquiring with the department about my application. But one night my mother had wisely convinced me I should send an email to the professor, David Darts, who assisted me in preparing my application. So that night I got the nerve to write and SEND the email. Of course I instantly wipe out any memory of writing the email and went on with my week not checking email the ENTIRE week!

Friday night after a long day of work I came home to my apartment, sat at my desk and EMAIL. To my surprise I had a response from David Darts. My eye went wide and then shut ever so slightly as I clicked on the unread message. In fact my heart is beating heavy just reflecting on that moment. CLICK! I read the message (which went something like this. my email account was hacked and I have since lost the original email response)

“Hey Tiffany. You should receive notification soon about acceptance. We had alot of applicants and the admission office took long in reviewing all the packets.

FYI: You were accepted on the first round which means you don’t need to interview. CONGRATS!”


I called my family crying. My mother took something happen to me in CRAZY brooklyn, as she says. But once I mumbled a cry of “I GOT IN”. My mother “GOT IN WHAT”. Me “N……..Y…….U…….tears…….crying” My mother ” NYU! SHE GOT IN EVERYBODY SHE GOT IN!” My family in the background “SHE GOT IN”

It was one of the most confirming moments in my life. At that moment I felt ordained, blessed and ready for all the unknown because it was all too magical. What I didn’t know is when you are living you life passion and destiny moments like these occur. Everything at its right time and place….. Im ready even when I feel totally unprepared

Until next time


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