The Life Journey of Tiffany Lenoi Jones part 2

Welcome to the second installment of TLJ (the life journey) of TLJ (tiffany lenoi jones) .

My times in college were truly amazing. I was part of a group of my peers who were dedicated to changing their communities for the present day and future. Most of all I intended in fostering communities that the youth could flourish in. Therefore lead discussions about issues, produced non-profit cultural events and mentored in a public school.  I loved it. There was nothing like seeing the moments of acknowledgment and learning on the faces of the people I worked with. I was apart of change and change was apart of me

Shortly after undergrad I researched graduate school programs. This is when I found the Art Education program at NYU. Their motivations,mission and approach to art education acknowledged the communicative and socially changing nature of art in the lives of children. *sigh* It was the first step in me blossoming into TLC by TLJ. I found my soul mate! I wrote this poem once I decided to apply:

I close my eyes

Think of their pain

Hope my pencil will reveal their healing

Curve my sharp lines so my dose of love can go down smooth and easy

Add colors of the earth so they recognize its power

Mix the past, present and future within each stroke

Leave pieces of my essence within the cracks

Stand back from my blessed creation.

Pray they will accept it, understand it and learn from it

This my offering of gratitude to them

They lifted my veil so I can SEE

And demanded me to reach only for greatness

I respond with strength courage and dedication

until next time


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