The Life Journey of Tiffany Lenoi Jones

Welcome to the first installment of TLJ (the life journey) of TLJ (tiffany lenoi jones) .

At moments of awakening I have heard many people say “the lightbulb came on” aka THE BIG IDEA. For me the moment I  knew being a teaching artist was my calling it was like seeing the sun. IT WAS A NEW DAY! Now I am a NYC certified Art Education teacher! WOW! Its been a journey! Has had its ups and downs but I have learned a great deal and made some great art. On this blog I intend on recording my journey for viewers to enjoy, learn from and just read 🙂

After graduating from undergrad I had a moment of soul searching. I worked freelance as a designer, event planning assistant and invested in my art. Soon the woes for health insurance and steady income superseded my free artist lifestyle.  I was hired a coordinator for a record company while I LOVED my co-workers and fun of the music industry  my job’s daily routine lacked interaction,creativity and chances to influence social change. I knew I needed a change in my career but WHAT!

I reflected on times when my soul felt at peace. I remembered my days as an art activist in college. It was so exciting, creative and rewarding. I was involved with my community and creating art that impacted those around me.  I needed this feeling AGAIN! But how could my love for art,social change and education all combine into a DREAM CAREER?

-until next time TLJ

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