TLC by TLJ is

A life mission to provide a dose of TLC (tender love and care) within each interaction I have with others through my art and teaching. As an Art Educator it is my goal to foster students who will have the ability to TLC (teach,learn,change, create and/or challenge) their communities.

Who is TLJ?

Tiffany L. Jones is an artist, teacher and designer. She studied graphic design and received a BA in Graphic Communications. While in college she was an apprentice/assistant to doll and textile artist Adrienne McDonald, in which she learned the art of cloth doll making and began Love, Mama dolls in 2001. With her passion for teaching, social change and art making Tiffany pursued a Master’s degree in Art Education from New York University. In 2010 she became an Art Educator and Urban Arts Partnership site coordinator at Facing History High School. During her tenure as the Art Team Facilitator, she founded the schools Art Club, Art Crew,co-founded the young women’s club, Unity, and lead the schools art events such as CTP, the senior social justice art exhibit. Currently she is a Art Teacher in a Brooklyn Public School while advising art organizations, creating art and advocating for Art Education in the lives of young people in NYC.


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